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  • 30-Dec-2020:
        Daren submitted Con-Quest
  • 29-Dec-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Ogerox
  • 27-Dec-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Krpat
  • 26-Dec-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Run!
  • 24-Dec-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Land Beyond Time, The; Time Lords Amulet, The; Magus; Castle Thade Revisited; Dick Turpin
        Pavel Plíva and Jamie Angus submitted Wonderful Dizzy
  • 20-Dec-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Going Critical
        Pavel Plíva submitted Nevermore; Twenty Four Hour Parsley People: Cocoa 2
  • 12-Dec-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Eleventh Hour, The; Star Crystal; Brian the Bold; Merlock the Mede
  • 10-Dec-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Captain Gopher
  • 07-Dec-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Last Train to Tranz-Central; Every Second Counts; Return to Ithaca
  • 06-Dec-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Marie Celeste; Prelude; Escape from Devil's Island; PlanetQuest; Doomsday Papers, The; Wizard's Orb, The; Nigel Stevenson: La Legge di Thorus; Escape-MCP
        Pavel Plíva submitted Bombare
        Rafal submitted God Save the Punk
  • 30-Nov-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Dildo and the Dark Lord
        Rafal submitted White Jaguar
  • 29-Nov-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted CODE-112; Bullet Storm
        Rafal submitted Marsmare: Alienation
  • 28-Nov-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Zacaron Mystery, The; Claws of Despair; Wizard's Lair (Yodasoft)
        Pavel Plíva submitted Yoyo's Great Adventure; Astrocop
  • 23-Nov-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Cursed Skull, A; Tut-Tut
  • 22-Nov-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Alchemist II - The Dungeons
  • 17-Nov-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Dodo and Damn; Wakemare; Delron
        Pavel Plíva submitted Bat Boy
  • 12-Nov-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Mark Gets Sucked In; Atlantis Adventure; Booze Up
  • 03-Nov-2020:
        Solaris104 submitted HELL YEAH!
  • 02-Nov-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Curse of the Serpent's Eye; Caves of Skull, The
  • 29-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Quest for the Poorly Snail; Space Detective II: Home Run
  • 25-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Settlement XIII; Solvaldol-X; Hounds of Hell; Sleepin' Again; Grimwold's Big Adventure
  • 24-Oct-2020:
        Daren submitted Reliquia, La
        WhatHoSnorkers submitted Worse Things Happen at Sea
  • 19-Oct-2020:
        Jim Waterman submitted Domin8tr1s
  • 12-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Akbarr; Sefton Manor Assignment, The; Tree Stones, The; Alstrad; Jewel of Scotland
  • 10-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Final Demand, The; Tax Returns; Feasibility Experiment
  • 09-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Loose Ends
        Pavel Plíva submitted Demon's Dream
  • 07-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Twelve Days of Christmas, The
  • 05-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Theme Park U.K.
  • 04-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Celtic Carnage; Song of Taliesin, The; Diarmid; Castle Adventure; Appleton
        Pavel Plíva submitted Hunt Buck: Nuclear Defence
  • 03-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted End Is Nigh, The
  • 02-Oct-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Missing Princess, The
  • 22-Sep-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Mummy's Crypt, The
  • 21-Sep-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Ellisnore Diamond, The
  • 19-Sep-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Helichopper
  • 15-Sep-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Silverwolf; Pawns of War
  • 11-Sep-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Fucking Mili
  • 05-Sep-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Violator of Voodoo, The
  • 04-Sep-2020:
        IvanBasic submitted Pedro Pomez; Aznar, The Sport Star
  • 03-Sep-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Stalker
  • 30-Aug-2020:
        Daren submitted Greyfell
  • 28-Aug-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Thirty-Nine Steps, The
  • 27-Aug-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Sandman Cometh, The; Beginning of the End, The; Jester's Jaunt
  • 25-Aug-2020:
        Albert Valls submitted Generació Digital: The Video Game
        Paul E. Collins submitted Crack City
        Pavel Plíva submitted Vampír II
  • 24-Aug-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Whodunnit; Alcatraz Harry
  • 23-Aug-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Mutiny!
        Pavel Plíva submitted Princezna
  • 21-Aug-2020:
        Daren submitted COLOCO
        Paul E. Collins submitted Se-Kaa of Assiah
  • 19-Aug-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted On the Road
  • 18-Aug-2020:
        Jim Waterman submitted Atoms (Gouldfish Games)
        Paul E. Collins submitted Theme Park U.S.A.; Menagerie, The; Matchmaker
  • 15-Aug-2020:
        Daren submitted Road Trippin'
  • 09-Aug-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Soccer Cup Quizmaster; Master Brain; Moron; Tomb of Dracula, The
        Pavel Plíva submitted Nezvěstný: 007
  • 08-Aug-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Nemesis II
  • 03-Aug-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Ball Crazy
  • 28-Jul-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Witch Hunt; Witch Hunter, The; Legacy
  • 27-Jul-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Legacy, The (Tamsoft); Legacy, The (Zenobi)
  • 26-Jul-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Mines of Lithiad, The ; Methyhel - The Special Edition
  • 24-Jul-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Curse of Calutha
        Pavel Plíva submitted Honba za klasákom
  • 23-Jul-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Jade Necklace, The; Kidnapped; Treasure Island (River Software)
  • 20-Jul-2020:
        Daren submitted Rat-A-Tat
        Paul E. Collins submitted Zen Quest; Laskar's Crystals
  • 18-Jul-2020:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Ad Lunam Plus
        Paul E. Collins submitted Arrow of Death Part 2; Arrow of Death Part 1; Jade Stone, The
  • 15-Jul-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Life of a Lone Electron, The
  • 13-Jul-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Staff of Power, The; Oppressed Land, The; Serpentine Tale, A; Bermuda Triangle, The
  • 09-Jul-2020:
        Daren submitted Super Mario Bros. COVID-19 Edition
        Paul E. Collins submitted School Report; Mystery of Maud Manor, The
  • 07-Jul-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Magenta Jim & The Coins of Doom
  • 06-Jul-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Corey Coolbrew
  • 05-Jul-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Cocoa and the Time Machine
  • 28-Jun-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Legend of Craldons Creek, The
  • 27-Jun-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted City oh City
  • 22-Jun-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Red Alert; Murder Hunt II
  • 21-Jun-2020:
        Grant Percival submitted Dandy
  • 20-Jun-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Perseus
        Pavel Plíva submitted Labyrinth (Czech Text Adventure)
  • 13-Jun-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Labour Pains; Winter term
        Pavel Plíva submitted MagicAble
        Solaris104 submitted BlockZ
  • 09-Jun-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Conman the Barbaric; Marooned; Project Nova
  • 07-Jun-2020:
        Rafal submitted Mbunekam: Withdrawal Syndrome; Rygar - Legendary Warrior
  • 06-Jun-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Tears of the Moon, The; Snow Queen, The
  • 03-Jun-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Urban
  • 31-May-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Fervor
        Rafal submitted Die Hard II
  • 30-May-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Use Your Loaf; Murder, The; Case of the Mixed-Up Shymer, The; Behind the Lines
        Rafal submitted Arthur
  • 29-May-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Black Knight, The
        Pavel Plíva submitted Hoarder, The
  • 28-May-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Crown Jewels, The; Guardian, The
  • 26-May-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Mandanga
  • 25-May-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Toofy's Nutty Nightmare
  • 24-May-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Hares
  • 23-May-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Dargonscrypt; Escape from Magic; Beneath Folly; Dark Sky over Paradise
        Pavel Plíva submitted Bonnie and Clyde ; Godkiller 2: Exile New Timeline Edition
  • 22-May-2020:
        Jim Waterman submitted Encyclopaedia Galactica
  • 21-May-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Franto, Franto
  • 18-May-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Godkiller New Timeline Edition
        Rafal submitted Dizzy & ZX; Babylon 5
  • 16-May-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Spider Mami
  • 15-May-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Meltdown
  • 13-May-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Dead End; Deadly Mission; Mantis 2; Mantis 1
  • 11-May-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Spellcaster; Countdown; Chips Are Forever; Devils Sceptre; Thief; Diablo!; Blob Quest; After 45; Dreamare
  • 10-May-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Soul Hunter, The; Beyond El Dorado; Shellshock; Mandroid; Magma Man; Morgan's Seal; Big Joy; Impact!
        Rafal submitted Plutoniya
  • 05-May-2020:
        Leo Bramwell-Speer submitted Helm, The
        Paul E. Collins submitted Ronnie Goes to Hollywood
  • 03-May-2020:
        Jim Waterman submitted Corona Capers
        Paul E. Collins submitted Journey to the Centre of the Earth; Ring Quest; In the Loft
  • 02-May-2020:
        Daren submitted Moon Ranger
        Paul E. Collins submitted Lost in Wales
        Rafal submitted Gods of War, The; Soap Land
  • 29-Apr-2020:
        Andy Ford submitted Manic Miner 2020 - Special Edition
        Paul E. Collins submitted Hammer of Grimmold, The; Black Tower
  • 27-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Missing: World of Spectrum; Biohell; Fisher King, The
  • 23-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Super Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Adventure 2: The Sequel; Double Agent
  • 21-Apr-2020:
        PROSM submitted Sin Instrucciones
  • 20-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Enchanted Cottage, The; Lost in Time
  • 17-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Corporal Stone
  • 15-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Lost Temple, The; Cuddles; Dragon-Quest
  • 13-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted House of Lockerby, The
        Rafal submitted Prospector, The; Mouse Man; Hermitage, The
  • 12-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Slaughter Caves, The; Emerald Elf, The; Darkest Road
  • 11-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Teacher Trouble; Extricator, The
        Rafal submitted Wudang
  • 10-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Golden Pyramid, The
        Pavel Plíva submitted Ztracený poklad; Madhouse 3
  • 09-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Energem Enigma, The
        Pavel Plíva submitted Detector
  • 08-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Boyd File, The; Dungeons of Maldread, The; Case of the Beheaded Smuggler, The
        Pavel Plíva submitted Moritz the Striker; Moritz on the Autobahn
  • 07-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Yuppie; Radiomania; Desert Island
  • 04-Apr-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Brian: The Novice Barbarian; Meltdown; Flameout; For Pete's Sake; Bog of Brit; Apprentice, The
        Pavel Plíva submitted Golem; Dracula 2
  • 03-Apr-2020:
        Daren submitted Black & White
  • 02-Apr-2020:
        Daren submitted Jungle Queen
        Paul E. Collins submitted Inferno, The; Return of the Holy Joystick, The; Hob's Hoard
        Pavel Plíva submitted Vampire Vengeance
  • 31-Mar-2020:
        Daren submitted Reverse Pong
        Paul E. Collins submitted Aztec Assault; Arnold the Adventurer II; Arnold the Adventurer; April 7th; Netherworld
        Pavel Plíva submitted Dark Strengths
  • 30-Mar-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Amulet of Darath, The; Agatha's Folly; Nervos This Position; Molemania; Search for the Nether Regions
        Pavel Plíva submitted Colonos ZX; Poklad tajemného hradu
  • 28-Mar-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Dungeons of GOMILANDIA
  • 27-Mar-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Banka; Indiana Jones 5 - Kletba faraonů
  • 24-Mar-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Smoulove
  • 23-Mar-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Coloristic
  • 22-Mar-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted UFO
  • 14-Mar-2020:
        Daren submitted Papyrus
  • 13-Mar-2020:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Madam Blavskja's Carnival Macabre 48K Edition
        Daren submitted Peplum
  • 12-Mar-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Ostrov pokladu
  • 08-Mar-2020:
        Rafal submitted Federation; Calling, The
  • 07-Mar-2020:
        Daren submitted Gnoni 2020
  • 04-Mar-2020:
        Daren submitted Bandito
  • 23-Feb-2020:
        Rafal submitted Puszka Pandory
  • 20-Feb-2020:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Diamond Man
        PopoCop submitted Eight Feet Under
  • 17-Feb-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Sqij'd
  • 10-Feb-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Curse Of Trasmoz, The
  • 08-Feb-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Nave
  • 05-Feb-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Podraz 5
  • 28-Jan-2020:
        Hippy Smith submitted Robin of Sherlock; Murder Off Miami
  • 17-Jan-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Boby a jeho pán na pohádkovém ostrově
  • 15-Jan-2020:
        Txemamm submitted ZHL
  • 12-Jan-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Mage Rage
  • 05-Jan-2020:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Maze, The
  • 03-Jan-2020:
        Hippy Smith submitted Adventure E: The Golden Apple; Adventure G: Ground Zero; Hollow, The
  • 02-Jan-2020:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy – 12 Room Minigame
        Rafal submitted Rygar RM
        Solaris104 submitted Tetris 2019