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  • 27-Dec-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Sir Ababol 2
  • 20-Dec-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted H.E.R.O.
  • 15-Dec-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Un Dos Azul
  • 12-Dec-2014:
        Daren submitted Mystery
  • 08-Dec-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Championship Sprint
  • 07-Dec-2014:
        Malcolm submitted How to be a Hero
  • 01-Dec-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Xmas Eve; Spell of Christmas Ice, A; BMX Jungle Bike
  • 30-Nov-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Escape from Colony 8
  • 29-Nov-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Bombscare
  • 14-Nov-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Rigor Mortis
  • 08-Nov-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Willy The Wasp 2
  • 02-Nov-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Kraal
  • 01-Nov-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Monty's Last Strike; Dark Tricks
        Paul E. Collins submitted Head the Ball
  • 30-Oct-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted S.I.P.
  • 24-Oct-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Page's Castle Quest
  • 20-Oct-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Bruja, La
  • 16-Oct-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Cousin Horace
  • 12-Oct-2014:
        Daren submitted Apollo 11
  • 11-Oct-2014:
        Daren submitted 1985 - The Day After
  • 10-Oct-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted MultiDude
  • 04-Oct-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Manic Climber
  • 27-Sep-2014:
        Daren submitted Sector: Invasion
  • 26-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Space Rider Jet Pack Co.; Space Warrior
  • 24-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Starfox; Twister
  • 23-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Ragnablock
  • 22-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Carlos Sainz
        Malcolm submitted SAS Combat Simulator
  • 16-Sep-2014:
        Solaris104 submitted First World Problems
  • 14-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Mad Caverns
  • 10-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Sanxion
  • 07-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Eidolon, The
  • 05-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Brainstorm
  • 03-Sep-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted All or Nothing
  • 30-Aug-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Huxley Pig
        Ivan Sanchez Jorda submitted Sherezade
  • 26-Aug-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Quackshot
  • 24-Aug-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Profecia, La; Chiron
        Daren submitted Game About Squares
        Pavel Plíva submitted Godkiller
  • 23-Aug-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Olympicon
  • 17-Aug-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Unitrax
  • 15-Aug-2014:
        Rafal submitted Zombi Terror
  • 02-Aug-2014:
        Rafal submitted Judge Dredd
  • 20-Jul-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Kyd Cadet 3
  • 30-Jun-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Supersports; MASK II
  • 26-Jun-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Willy the Wasp
  • 23-Jun-2014:
        Fabio Didone submitted Guerrero Ninja
  • 08-Jun-2014:
        Daren submitted Death Pit
  • 31-May-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Captain Drexx
  • 24-May-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Ninjajar!
  • 17-May-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Abbaye des Morts, L'
        Pavel Plíva submitted Charm, The
  • 15-May-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Pussy: Love Story from Titanic
  • 10-May-2014:
        Daren submitted Downtown
  • 07-May-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Brautrydjandinn
  • 04-May-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Wizard of Oz, The
  • 03-May-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Sun Bucket
        Pavel Plíva submitted Yumiko in the Haunted Mansion
  • 28-Apr-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Jaws
  • 20-Apr-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Super Gran - The Adventure; Super Gran; Africa Gardens
  • 13-Apr-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Count, The
  • 12-Apr-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Ninja twins. Going to Zedeaks
  • 08-Apr-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Forest of Doom, The
  • 05-Apr-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Stompo, El
  • 04-Apr-2014:
        Ivan Sanchez Jorda submitted Aventura del Dragon, La; Marcas
  • 02-Apr-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Flappy Bird ZX
  • 23-Mar-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Leonardo's Lost Last Invention
        Rafal & Pavel Plíva submitted Metal Man Reloaded
  • 22-Mar-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Flying Formula, The; Bubble Buster; CSU
  • 20-Mar-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Mindstone
        Pavel Plíva submitted Druid
  • 15-Mar-2014:
        Nyuzga submitted Underground II
  • 11-Mar-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Mouse Trap; Journey to the Centre of Eddie Smith's Head
  • 06-Mar-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Fruit Machine Simulator 2
  • 05-Mar-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Depth Charge
  • 01-Mar-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted DreamWalker: Alter Ego 2
        Pavel Plíva submitted Sami Troid; Terrorlandia
  • 28-Feb-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted GraviBots
        Pavel Plíva submitted Bluber - The Last Odisey; Genehtik
  • 27-Feb-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Isidoro, en la ciudad de la furia
  • 26-Feb-2014:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Dogmole Tuppowski - The New Adventures
  • 25-Feb-2014:
        Daren submitted Gremlins
        Pavel Plíva submitted Androide
  • 23-Feb-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Subject, The
        Daren submitted Horace Miner
  • 21-Feb-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Knight Rider
        Richard Bos submitted Pentomania; Lojix
  • 13-Feb-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Super Mutt; Indoor Sports
  • 12-Feb-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge
  • 11-Feb-2014:
        Malcolm submitted Brat Attack
  • 09-Feb-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Killer Bees
        Malcolm submitted BMX Racers; Blue Max
  • 30-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Land of Mire Mare
  • 20-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Subterranean Nightmare
  • 19-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Lil'Alien
  • 17-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Collision Course
  • 16-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Toyota Celica GT Rally; Planet 10
  • 15-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Maze Mania
  • 13-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Ghost Castle
  • 12-Jan-2014:
        David Hughes submitted Curse of Oddville, The
  • 11-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Plasma Ball; Talos
  • 07-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Stroper
  • 06-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Paso, El; Mermaid Madness
        Richard Bos submitted REVERSAO; Puzzle, The
  • 05-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Nuclear Bowls
  • 03-Jan-2014:
        Albert Valls submitted Carlos Michelis