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  • 31-Dec-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Robo Xonix; Raider of the Cursed Mine; 100
  • 30-Dec-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Red Sphere, The
        Daren submitted Jungle Fever
  • 28-Dec-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Buriabeast
  • 25-Dec-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Backgammon; Carlos Michelis (Demo)
  • 24-Dec-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted 3 Reyes Magos
  • 14-Dec-2012:
        Roman Rugalenko submitted Rifle Range
  • 05-Dec-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Plum Duff
  • 02-Dec-2012:
        Matthew Westcott submitted Mental Block
  • 28-Nov-2012:
        Albert Valls and Pavel Plíva submitted Lost In My Spectrum
  • 25-Nov-2012:
        Ivan Sanchez Jorda submitted Alhambra, La
  • 23-Nov-2012:
        Ivan Sanchez Jorda submitted Papa Noel; Final Frog
  • 21-Nov-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted EFMB: Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  • 06-Nov-2012:
        Chixus submitted Zozon
  • 30-Oct-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Shuttlebug
        Malcolm submitted 3DC
  • 29-Oct-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Angle Ball; Snooker, 3D
  • 23-Oct-2012:
        Damian Morrison submitted Oracle's Cave, The
  • 14-Oct-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Nasty Nasty; Krypton Raiders
  • 13-Oct-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Wheelin Wallie
  • 12-Oct-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Frank the Flea
  • 11-Oct-2012:
        Miguel Garcia submitted Terra Cresta
  • 06-Oct-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Last Courier, The
  • 05-Oct-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer 2
  • 30-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Moonlight Magic; Tarantula
  • 28-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Yucan; Ratul & Zeki; Gravity Wars; 4K Race Refueled
  • 27-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Slug; Nth Zone
  • 26-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Captain Slog
  • 24-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Knightmare ZX
  • 23-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Trouble Brewin
  • 22-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted River Rescue; Bear Island
  • 21-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Brad Blasts the Galactic Barbarians
  • 20-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Keop's Revenge; Starlike; Parap Shock
  • 19-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Maniac Square; Break Neck; Gnoni
  • 17-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Starship Mulvaney
  • 16-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Bouncing Bomb; Comeme; Benny Bunny: The Haunted Belltower; Benny Bunny: Litterbugs; Tower of Evil
        Pavel Plíva submitted Montana Jones II
  • 08-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Toofy in Fan Land; Farmer Jack in Harvest Havoc!
  • 07-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Confused; Classic Muncher; Brian vs. the Bullies
  • 02-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Pac-Land
  • 01-Sep-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Black Arrow; Cred Breaks Out
        Malcolm submitted Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth
  • 31-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Ramon Rodriguez; Fireman Fred; St. Crippens
        Paul E. Collins submitted Spaceman Bob
  • 30-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Viper III
  • 29-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Dangerous Kiss
        Malcolm submitted Fruit Machine Simulator; George and the Deadly Meteor
  • 28-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Quantum Gardening; Xyzolog; Ruffo's Dream
        Daren submitted House Jack Built, The
  • 27-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Rough Justice; King Leonard
        Daren submitted Giant's Revenge
  • 26-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Thingy and the Doodahs
  • 24-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Pool; Superdeflex
  • 23-Aug-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Speccy Bros
  • 22-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Pyramania; Area 51
        Malcolm submitted Plot, The
  • 20-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted VADE RETRO; Egg, The; Necks Please...; Swettibitz in Space; Pi There!
        Albert Valls & Pavel Plíva submitted Stela
        Malcolm submitted Chain Reaction
  • 19-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Super Bike TransAm; Numb Cars; Live Wire; Powerama; Eliminator
  • 18-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Grand Prix Simulator 2
        Malcolm submitted Aquasquad
  • 17-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Laberinto de Knosos, El; Nicotine Nightmare; Crack It! Towers
  • 16-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Shuttle Shock; Death Lift
  • 15-Aug-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Hit Man; Patufet; Crazy Castles; Pimeval Man
        Pavel Plíva submitted Kliatba Noci
  • 09-Aug-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Adidas Championship Football
  • 07-Aug-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Strangeloop
  • 05-Aug-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Catacombs of Balachor
  • 31-Jul-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Street Cred' Football
  • 28-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Pi-In'Ere
        Malcolm submitted Olympiad '86
  • 27-Jul-2012:
        Roman Rugalenko submitted Space Raiders; Galaxians; Cyber Zone
  • 26-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Steep Way; Mole on the Dole; Mad Crusher, The; Anteater
  • 24-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Robot Riot; Bongo; Ali Baba
        Roman Rugalenko submitted Padenie Nebol'shih Kirpichei; Deflektor
  • 23-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Estimator Racer; City Connection
  • 18-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Lunar Rescue; Gobstopper
  • 16-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Grand Prix Drivers
        Malcolm submitted Majik; Quest for the Holy Grail, The
  • 15-Jul-2012:
        Solaris104 submitted Chimera
  • 13-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Crusher
  • 10-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Lunaris; Utter Tripe; Lost Tapes of Albion, The
        Malcolm submitted For Gold or Glory; Circus; Galilee
  • 08-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Zolyx
  • 07-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Lord Harry; Havoc; Bimbo; Blob, The; Bomber Bob in Pentagon Capers
  • 05-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Timebomb; House of the Living Dead
  • 01-Jul-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Hive; Ghostly Grange; Chopper Mission; Impact
  • 30-Jun-2012:
        Roman Rugalenko submitted Nifty Lifty; Demolition
  • 28-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Electro; Catwalk; Life of Harry, The
  • 27-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Stunt Car Racer; Fridge Frenzy
        Albert Valls & Grant Percival (no rollback, no deaths) submitted Robot Rumpus
  • 26-Jun-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Blind Panic
  • 25-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Humphrey
        FrankT submitted Bouncing Bomb: Redux
        Malcolm submitted 1942 Mission; Adventure F: Eye of Bain
  • 22-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Mission Ninety One; Bug-Eyes
  • 21-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Barreldrop; Devil's Descent
        Roman Rugalenko submitted Infection
  • 20-Jun-2012:
        Matthew Westcott submitted Chip's Challenge
  • 19-Jun-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Temple of Vran; Final Mission, The
  • 17-Jun-2012:
        Roman Rugalenko submitted Dragonfire
  • 16-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Nipik 2
  • 15-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Special Delivery; Olympimania
        Roman Rugalenko submitted Gunstar; Tribble Trubble
  • 13-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Trom; Colour Clash; Wild West Hero
  • 10-Jun-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Leader Board Tournament
  • 08-Jun-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Caveman; Flipi; Race Fun
        Bad Beard submitted Costa Capers
        qar submitted Spy Who Loved Me, The
  • 03-Jun-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Majikazo
  • 02-Jun-2012:
        Daren submitted World Series Baseball
  • 28-May-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Clive in Exile; Barmy Burgers; Pinball
  • 27-May-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Tutankhamun; Styx; Bomberman; Blind Alley
        Daren submitted Red Moon
  • 26-May-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Robber; Magic Carpet
        Pavel Plíva submitted Phantomas en el Museo
  • 24-May-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Golpe, El
  • 23-May-2012:
        Albert Valls submitted Spione, Lo
  • 09-May-2012:
        Rafal submitted Super Monaco GP
  • 01-May-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Monte Carlo Casino; Mr. Freeze
        Pavel Plíva submitted Xor
        Rafal submitted Freddie Laker's Airline Capers
  • 29-Apr-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted JINJ 2: Belmonte's Revenge
  • 28-Apr-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Koky
  • 26-Apr-2012:
        Rafal submitted More Tea, Vicar?
  • 22-Apr-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Golden Baton, The; Long Way Home Volume 1
  • 19-Apr-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Antiquity Jones
  • 15-Apr-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Grand Prix Simulator
  • 11-Apr-2012:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Pip the Pipistrelle
  • 10-Apr-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Robot Messiah
        Paul E. Collins submitted Secret of St. Brides, The
  • 09-Apr-2012:
        Daren submitted Time Scanner
        Pavel Plíva submitted Willy Meets the Beatles
  • 08-Apr-2012:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: The 2010 Megamix
  • 06-Apr-2012:
        Daren submitted Dragon Breed
        Rafal submitted Super Cars
  • 03-Apr-2012:
        Daren submitted Professional Ski Simulator
        Malcolm submitted Temple of Terror; Road Race
  • 02-Apr-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Hades Nebula
  • 31-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Terra Cognita
  • 28-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Super G-Man
        Rafal submitted Afteroids
  • 25-Mar-2012:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Bull Tables
        Pavel Plíva submitted Sudoku
  • 23-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted I.C.U.P.S.
  • 22-Mar-2012:
        Andrakann submitted Colony
  • 19-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Last Mission
  • 16-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Footballer of the Year
  • 15-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Electro Bingo 3; Electro Bingo 2; Electro Bingo; Faulty Towers
        Nyuzga submitted Mister Gas
        Paul Berry submitted Repton 2
        Paul E. Collins submitted Englishskills II; Englishskills I
  • 14-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Cruising on Broadway
  • 13-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Chiller; Empire Strikes Back, The
  • 11-Mar-2012:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Count with Oliver
  • 06-Mar-2012:
        Rafal submitted Stanley and the Wallbangers
  • 03-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Twin Turbo V8
        Pavel Plíva submitted Vampire Hunter Willy
        Rafal submitted Miami Vice
  • 02-Mar-2012:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Valley of the Dead
  • 01-Mar-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Rockford
        Rafal submitted Pioneer; Para Academy
        Solaris104 submitted Plotting
  • 29-Feb-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Sabotage
  • 27-Feb-2012:
        Rafal submitted Garfield - Winter's Tail
  • 26-Feb-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Transmuter; Strike; Konami's Golf
  • 23-Feb-2012:
        Rafal submitted Vindicators
  • 22-Feb-2012:
        Solaris104 submitted Predator
  • 20-Feb-2012:
        Rafal submitted Moon Patrol
  • 19-Feb-2012:
        Rafal submitted Bonanza Bros.
  • 18-Feb-2012:
        Fred Blaster submitted Strip Poker
  • 12-Feb-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Knightmare
  • 10-Feb-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Football Manager
        Pavel Plíva submitted Something Happened 2
  • 08-Feb-2012:
        Rafal submitted Samurai
  • 07-Feb-2012:
        Malcolm submitted Empire Fights Back, The
  • 05-Feb-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Jet Set Gertie
  • 04-Feb-2012:
        Ian Gledhill submitted Quest Adventure
  • 02-Feb-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Hollywood Poker
  • 01-Feb-2012:
        Malcolm submitted BMX Freestyle; Alpine Games; Starstrike, 3D
  • 30-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Doomskulle
  • 29-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Sex Tetris; Go to Hell
        ZnorXman submitted Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer
  • 27-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Phantomas 2
  • 26-Jan-2012:
        Paul E. Collins submitted H.A.R.D.; XOR
  • 24-Jan-2012:
        Rafal submitted Moscow-Paris; Conan - Spotkanie w krypcie; Hibernatus
  • 22-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Bazooka Bill
        Rafal submitted Azzurro 8Bit Jam
  • 21-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Phantomas
        Rafal submitted Evil Domain
  • 16-Jan-2012:
        Daren submitted Riddler's Den
  • 15-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Phantomas Tales #4: Severin Sewers
  • 11-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Gloop Troops: The Lost Crown
  • 07-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted 4 Soccer Simulators
  • 06-Jan-2012:
        Rafal submitted Strumf
  • 04-Jan-2012:
        Rafal submitted Cyborg Terminator 2
  • 02-Jan-2012:
        Rafal submitted Cyborg Terminator; Mega Twins
  • 01-Jan-2012:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Future Looter