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  • 29-Dec-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Albatrossity
  • 28-Dec-2008:
        Rafal submitted Sir Gawain
  • 27-Dec-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Postman Pat 3: To the Rescue
        Rafal submitted Sabotaje
  • 26-Dec-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Snowman, The
  • 25-Dec-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted King's Ransom
  • 24-Dec-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Hero Quest: Return of the Witch Lord
  • 23-Dec-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Crazy Caverns
  • 22-Dec-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Chicks&Bricks; Bricky; Bricker; Another Brick on the Wall 2; Another Brick on the Wall
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Frightmare
  • 21-Dec-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Spiky Harold
  • 19-Dec-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted B.A.D.; Stevie Dotman; Pixy the Microdot
  • 18-Dec-2008:
        Rafal submitted Moon Wind
  • 17-Dec-2008:
        Rafal submitted Mutant Fortress
  • 14-Dec-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Krakout 5
  • 11-Dec-2008:
        Fil submitted Well 2, The; Well, The; Super Mario Bros.; Mario; Mario; Darkwing Duck; Arkanoid
  • 08-Dec-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Krakout 4
  • 07-Dec-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Krakout 3
  • 06-Dec-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Krakout 2
  • 04-Dec-2008:
        mike_myers submitted Operacion Conquista; Pitufos, Los; Pasion por el Water
        Paul E. Collins submitted Compendium; Armalyte; Ultimate Warrior; Rupert and the Ice Castle; Bully Embassy
        Pavel Plíva submitted Crux 92
  • 03-Dec-2008:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Gilligan's Gold
  • 01-Dec-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Star Trip
        Rafal submitted Gemini Wing; Ship Pilot
  • 29-Nov-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Zly sen Frantiska Koudelky
  • 26-Nov-2008:
        Ivan Sanchez submitted U.N. Squadron
  • 25-Nov-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Flash Beer 3
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Captain Kelly
  • 23-Nov-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Flash Beer 2
        Rafal submitted Alien Storm; Tuareg
  • 21-Nov-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Change It!!
  • 20-Nov-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Wizard Willy; Boulder Dash II: Rockford's Riot; Krakout
  • 19-Nov-2008:
        mike_myers submitted 13 Rue del Percebe
  • 14-Nov-2008:
        Ian T submitted Codename MAT
        Paul E. Collins submitted Bobby Yazz Show, The
  • 13-Nov-2008:
        Nyuzga submitted Tusker
  • 11-Nov-2008:
        Federico Jerez submitted Cyberbig
        Paul E. Collins submitted Raster Runner
  • 08-Nov-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Sergeant Seymour Robot Cop; Tarzan Goes Ape; Ms. Pac-Man
        Pavel Plíva submitted CJ's Elephant Antics; CJ in the USA
  • 07-Nov-2008:
        mike_myers submitted Galactic Trooper
        Pavel Plíva submitted Gotcha
  • 05-Nov-2008:
        José María Macho & Roman Rugalenko submitted Star Bowls
  • 04-Nov-2008:
        José María Macho submitted Street Fighter
        Rafal submitted Scramble Spirits
  • 02-Nov-2008:
        Rafal submitted Beverly Hills Cop
  • 25-Oct-2008:
        Rafal submitted Action Fighter
  • 18-Oct-2008:
        Rafal submitted Deep, The
  • 14-Oct-2008:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy 64: Willy and the Dodecahedron
        Rafal submitted Street Hassle
  • 10-Oct-2008:
        Rafal submitted Outcast
  • 09-Oct-2008:
        Rafal submitted Oriental Games; Great Gurianos
  • 08-Oct-2008:
        Rafal submitted Doctum
  • 05-Oct-2008:
        Sergio Perez Allende and Txema submitted Manollo: El Cavernicola
  • 04-Oct-2008:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Ceasefire 2: Night Run
  • 30-Sep-2008:
        Rafal submitted Artura
  • 27-Sep-2008:
        Rafal submitted Dead or Alive; Havoc
  • 24-Sep-2008:
        Nyuzga submitted Sorcery; Wolfan
  • 23-Sep-2008:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Strangel
  • 22-Sep-2008:
        Albert Valls submitted Rallybug
        Nyuzga submitted Psycho City
  • 21-Sep-2008:
        Nyuzga submitted Cannibals from Outer Space
  • 15-Sep-2008:
        Rafal submitted Defenders of the Earth; Poder Oscuro, El
  • 14-Sep-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Anarchy
        Rafal submitted Duck Out!
  • 13-Sep-2008:
        Rafal submitted Popeye 3; LA Drugs Bust
        ZnorXman submitted La Pugly Ugly - The Long Journey
  • 12-Sep-2008:
        Rafal submitted Shanghai Warriors
  • 11-Sep-2008:
        Rafal submitted Gremlins 2: La Nueva Generacion
  • 02-Sep-2008:
        Rafal submitted Corsarios
  • 01-Sep-2008:
        Rafal submitted R.A.M.
  • 30-Aug-2008:
        Rafal submitted Moving Target
  • 25-Aug-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Mines; Rockfall
        Pavel Plíva submitted Ten Pin Challenge
  • 24-Aug-2008:
        GreenCard submitted Mugsy
        Rafal submitted Pop Stars; Toilet Truble
  • 21-Aug-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Boovie 2
        Rafal submitted BMX Ninja; Chernobil
  • 10-Aug-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Bubble Trouble
  • 09-Aug-2008:
        Rafal submitted Funky Punky; Duel, The: Test Drive II
  • 07-Aug-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Repton
  • 06-Aug-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Noughts and Crosses, 3D
  • 05-Aug-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted American 3D Pool; Ball Breaker II
  • 03-Aug-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Room Ten; Light Corridor, The; Mac Man; One for the Road; Smashout!!; Crashout
  • 29-Jul-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Astroball
  • 27-Jul-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Oh Mummy; Blockbusters; Block-Dizzy; Pulsoids
  • 26-Jul-2008:
        Rafal submitted Kendo Warrior
  • 17-Jul-2008:
        Rafal submitted Super Space Invaders; Master, The
  • 11-Jul-2008:
        Rafal submitted Running Man, The
  • 09-Jul-2008:
        Rafal submitted Soviet
  • 04-Jul-2008:
        Clive Bennett submitted Pharaoh's Tomb, The
  • 03-Jul-2008:
        Rafal submitted Dragon's Lair
  • 01-Jul-2008:
        Rafal submitted Mystical
  • 29-Jun-2008:
        Mark Incley submitted Mayhem
        Pavel Plíva submitted Cesta Bojovnika
  • 21-Jun-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer
  • 16-Jun-2008:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Hero Quest
  • 13-Jun-2008:
        mike_myers submitted Mapsnatch
        Rafal submitted Dragon Spirit
        Sard submitted Starstrike II
  • 11-Jun-2008:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: It's Wet Jelly
  • 08-Jun-2008:
        mike_myers submitted Manchester United Europe
  • 07-Jun-2008:
        Rafal submitted Free Climbing; Fallen Angel
  • 29-May-2008:
        mike_myers submitted Zipi y Zape
  • 28-May-2008:
        Chema san submitted Gothik
  • 24-May-2008:
        Rafal submitted People from Sirius
  • 18-May-2008:
        mike_myers submitted Guerra de las Vajillas, La
  • 16-May-2008:
        Chema san submitted World Series Basketball
        Rafal submitted Future Knight
  • 15-May-2008:
        Chema san submitted Sai Combat
  • 14-May-2008:
        Rafal submitted Double Take
  • 13-May-2008:
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy the Hacker
  • 12-May-2008:
        Malcolm submitted Book of the Dead
  • 11-May-2008:
        Malcolm submitted Grange Hill
  • 10-May-2008:
        Rafal submitted Hit; Alien Research Centre
  • 09-May-2008:
        Rafal submitted Senda Salvaje
  • 04-May-2008:
        Malcolm submitted Xevious
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: The Time Hole
  • 02-May-2008:
        Rafal submitted Rebel Planet
  • 01-May-2008:
        Malcolm submitted Down to Earth
  • 29-Apr-2008:
        Grant Percival submitted Gunfighter
  • 28-Apr-2008:
        Malcolm submitted NeverEnding Story, The; Astro Blaster; Bosconian '87
  • 27-Apr-2008:
        Rafal submitted Warlord
  • 19-Apr-2008:
        Rafal submitted SAS: Operation Thunderflash!!
  • 16-Apr-2008:
        Rafal submitted Time Cop
  • 14-Apr-2008:
        Rafal submitted Bloody; Soccer Challenge
  • 04-Apr-2008:
        Rafal submitted Star Inheritance: Black Cobra
  • 03-Apr-2008:
        Rafal submitted Ares; Jackson City
  • 02-Apr-2008:
        Rafal submitted Mountie Mick's Death Ride; Cisco Heat
  • 29-Mar-2008:
        Daren submitted Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
  • 24-Mar-2008:
        Rafal submitted Monstrland: Testimony of the Ancients
  • 19-Mar-2008:
        Rafal submitted Fireman Sam; Predator 2
  • 16-Mar-2008:
        Mark submitted Heavy on the Magick
  • 11-Mar-2008:
        Rafal submitted Rescate Atlantida
  • 09-Mar-2008:
        Rafal submitted Mystery of Ancient Castle; Smagly 2
  • 08-Mar-2008:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper
  • 07-Mar-2008:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy 64: The Man Who Sold The World
        Paul E. Collins submitted Game for Anything; Aliquid Simplex
  • 03-Mar-2008:
        GreenCard submitted Wild Bunch, The
  • 01-Mar-2008:
        Rafal submitted Iron Lord
  • 16-Feb-2008:
        Rafal submitted Viaje al Centro de la Tierra
  • 14-Feb-2008:
        Rafal submitted Muncher, The
  • 12-Feb-2008:
        Rafal submitted Sooty & Sweep; Count Duckula 2
  • 11-Feb-2008:
        Tomislav submitted Neverending Story II, The
  • 09-Feb-2008:
        Rafal submitted Mr. Weems and the She Vampires; Kick Box Vigilante
  • 06-Feb-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Realm of the Undead
        Rafal submitted Legend of the Amazon Women; F.I.R.E.
  • 22-Jan-2008:
        Rafal submitted Mambo; Bangers & Mash
  • 18-Jan-2008:
        Mark submitted Braxx Bluff; Sentinel
  • 17-Jan-2008:
        Rafal submitted Outlaw; Scaramouche
  • 16-Jan-2008:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Marina: The Fire Quest
  • 14-Jan-2008:
        Rafal submitted Pamela the Zombie Hunter
  • 13-Jan-2008:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Turrican II
  • 10-Jan-2008:
        Daniel Gromann submitted reniM cinaM; Jet Set Willy: ylliW teS teJ; Manic Miner: Jet Set Willy; Jet Set Willy: Manic Miner
        Rafal submitted Captain Pytron
  • 08-Jan-2008:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Basic
  • 07-Jan-2008:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy 64: Manic Miner: James Bond
  • 06-Jan-2008:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Streaker
  • 01-Jan-2008:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Cassette 50