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  • 31-Dec-2007:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted 2112 AD
  • 27-Dec-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy 64: Willy in the Islands of Mystery - Part 1 - Exploration
        Pavel Pliva submitted Podraz 3
        Pavel Plíva submitted Podraz 5; Podraz 6; Podraz 5; Podraz 4
        Rafal submitted Santa's Christmas Capers; Official Father Christmas Game, The
  • 23-Dec-2007:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Jonny Quest
  • 22-Dec-2007:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Atomix II: Hexagonia
        Pavel Plíva submitted Yogi Bear & Friends: The Greed Monster
        Rafal submitted Blazing Thunder; Drakkar
  • 21-Dec-2007:
        Bram Borak submitted Jewels of Darkness
        Pavel Plíva submitted Atomix
        PrinceGaz submitted Evening Star
        Rafal submitted Crime Santa Clause: Deja Vu; Xen; Master Blaster
  • 25-Nov-2007:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Astro 2008
        Rafal submitted Full Throttle 2; Biff
  • 18-Nov-2007:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Mutants
  • 14-Nov-2007:
        Rafal submitted Chevy Chase; A-Team, The
  • 13-Nov-2007:
        Matthew Westcott submitted BeTiled!
  • 02-Nov-2007:
        Rafal submitted Thanos; Sideral War
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Boulder Dash
  • 26-Oct-2007:
        Rafal submitted Dominator
  • 21-Oct-2007:
        Rafal submitted Darius+
  • 15-Oct-2007:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Deviants
  • 13-Oct-2007:
        Rafal submitted P-47 Thunderbolt
  • 05-Oct-2007:
        C Nonsense in BASIC, 0:1 submitted Nick Faldo Plays the Open
  • 27-Sep-2007:
        Rafal submitted Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo; Tour 91
  • 23-Sep-2007:
        Rafal submitted 19 Part 1: Boot Camp; Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
  • 17-Sep-2007:
        Rafal submitted Train: Escape to Normandy, The
  • 05-Sep-2007:
        Rafal submitted Sootland; Aaargh!
  • 28-Aug-2007:
        Rafal submitted Hunt for Red October, The - Based on the Movie; Ano Gaia
  • 18-Aug-2007:
        Rafal submitted Nemesis the Warlock
  • 05-Aug-2007:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Wizard of Land Oz
  • 03-Aug-2007:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Mandragore
  • 11-Jul-2007:
        Rafal submitted Times of Lore
  • 08-Jul-2007:
        Opraks submitted Elvin the Elf
        Robin Clive submitted Avenger
  • 07-Jul-2007:
        mike_myers and Daren submitted International Karate
  • 03-Jul-2007:
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: FTB
  • 02-Jul-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy 64: Holy Shit!!!
  • 01-Jul-2007:
        mike_myers submitted Cannon Bubble
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy's Holiday; Jet Set Willy: The Deadly Mission
        Viktor Drozd submitted Adventurer
  • 28-Jun-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: The Fucked Internet Trilogy; Jet Set Willy: Fantasy World Willy
        Jamie Angus submitted Heartland
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy Comes Home
        xmikex submitted Super Pipeline II
  • 26-Jun-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Manic Mining Robot's Day Out
        Rafal submitted Liberator; Bloody Paws
  • 25-Jun-2007:
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: ZX Willy the Bug Slayer
  • 23-Jun-2007:
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: Jet Cat Frosya
  • 19-Jun-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: The Continuing Adventures SE; Jet Set Willy: Bizarre
  • 16-Jun-2007:
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: Soul Miner; Tai Chi Tortoise
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Zulu Wars
  • 14-Jun-2007:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Zombi
  • 11-Jun-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: J4 - The Fourth Remix
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Magnetron
  • 10-Jun-2007:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Subterranean Stryker
  • 09-Jun-2007:
        xmikex, Jamie Angus and Andrew Drozd submitted Nosferatu the Vampyre
  • 03-Jun-2007:
        Rafal submitted Cosmic Sheriff
  • 31-May-2007:
        mike_myers submitted Super Tetris; Tetris; Tetris
  • 29-May-2007:
        Malcolm submitted Kobyashi Naru
  • 27-May-2007:
        Jumping Stack submitted Full Throttle
  • 24-May-2007:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Human Torch and the Thing
  • 21-May-2007:
        Rouslan Gordeyev submitted Punk Star
  • 17-May-2007:
        mike_myers submitted Aftermath
  • 16-May-2007:
        mike_myers submitted 3D Maze of Gold
        Rafal submitted North & South
  • 15-May-2007:
        Malcolm submitted Waxworks; Motos
  • 12-May-2007:
        Rafal submitted Pit-Fighter
  • 11-May-2007:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Begstvo na Harhan
  • 07-May-2007:
        mike_myers submitted Twintris
  • 05-May-2007:
        Rickard Berglind submitted Oriental Hero
  • 03-May-2007:
        mike_myers and Daren submitted Death Wish 3
  • 02-May-2007:
        Rafal submitted Sword Slayer
  • 30-Apr-2007:
        Rafal submitted Butch - Hard Guy
  • 29-Apr-2007:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Mezi Vezemi
  • 27-Apr-2007:
        mike_myers submitted Armageddon
  • 26-Apr-2007:
        Rafal submitted Explorer XXXI; Omega Dimension
  • 22-Apr-2007:
        mike_myers submitted Tommy; Horace Goes Skiing
        Paul E. Collins submitted Hungry Horace
        Rafal submitted Living Daylights, The
  • 16-Apr-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Party Willy - Special Edition
  • 10-Apr-2007:
        Jamie Angus submitted Mined-Out
  • 09-Apr-2007:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Hydrofool
  • 02-Apr-2007:
        Andrey Drozd submitted Rebelstar
  • 01-Apr-2007:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Slaine
  • 27-Mar-2007:
        Andrey Drozd submitted SuperCom
  • 26-Mar-2007:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Bobby Bearing
  • 25-Mar-2007:
        Andrey Drozd submitted Defender of the Crown
  • 24-Mar-2007:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Sweevo's Whirled
  • 21-Mar-2007:
        Andrey Drozd submitted Total Eclipse 2: The Sphinx Jinx
  • 19-Mar-2007:
        Andrey Drozd submitted Goody
        xmikex submitted Pitman Seven
  • 16-Mar-2007:
        Andrey Drozd submitted Tau Ceti - The Special Edition
        Matt Barber submitted Shadowfire
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Sweevo's World
  • 13-Mar-2007:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Inside Outing
  • 11-Mar-2007:
        Andrey Drozd submitted Captain Blood
  • 08-Mar-2007:
        Andrey Drozd submitted 48 Irons
        Paul E. Collins submitted Henrietta's Book of Spells; Hooray for Henrietta
  • 07-Mar-2007:
        Paul E. Collins and Wayne Marsh submitted Granny's Garden
  • 06-Mar-2007:
        Rafal submitted Jungle Warfare; Zhak
  • 05-Mar-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Goodnite Luddite
  • 03-Mar-2007:
        Rafal submitted Arkos; Speedboat Assassins
  • 24-Feb-2007:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
  • 23-Feb-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Dup Moor en T' Panat
  • 14-Feb-2007:
        Rafal submitted Munsters, The
  • 11-Feb-2007:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy to the Rescue!
  • 30-Jan-2007:
        Wayne Marsh submitted Double Dare
  • 24-Jan-2007:
        Martin Mangan submitted Chaos
  • 18-Jan-2007:
        Jamie Angus submitted Mad Martha
  • 04-Jan-2007:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Deja Vu: The Remix