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  • 30-Dec-2006:
        C Nonsense in BASIC, 0:1 submitted Pole Position
  • 19-Dec-2006:
        Andrei Steriopol submitted Thunderbirds
  • 18-Dec-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Escape of the Snails
  • 12-Dec-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Where's Woody?
  • 08-Dec-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Jet Set Emily: Baby on the Go
  • 04-Dec-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: We Pretty
  • 30-Nov-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Stupid
  • 29-Nov-2006:
        C Nonsense in BASIC, 0:1 submitted Whole New Ball Game, A
  • 28-Nov-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Ivy; Jet Set Willy: (again)
  • 26-Nov-2006:
        mike_myers and Albert Valls submitted Chequered Flag; Pheenix
  • 24-Nov-2006:
        Rafal submitted Steel Eagle; Shanghai Karate
  • 22-Nov-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Exploding Fist +
  • 16-Nov-2006:
        mike_myers submitted 1943
  • 15-Nov-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Zzoom
  • 10-Nov-2006:
        Rafal submitted Knight Force; Wild Streets; Captain Planet
  • 05-Nov-2006:
        C Nonsense in BASIC, 0:1 submitted Tales of the Arabian Nights
        mike_myers submitted Pajaros de Bangkok, Los
  • 04-Nov-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Thrusta; Italy 1990; BC Bill
  • 02-Nov-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Friday the 13th; Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!
  • 30-Oct-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Crazy Cars; Kick Off
  • 28-Oct-2006:
        mike_myers and Z80CPU submitted West Bank
  • 21-Oct-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: The DrUnKeN mAsTeR!!!
        mike_myers submitted Yenght
  • 18-Oct-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Maria on Tour
        mike_myers submitted Digger Dan
  • 16-Oct-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Panic
  • 15-Oct-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Orc Attack; Don Quijote
        Pavel Plíva submitted Percy the Potty Pigeon
  • 12-Oct-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Tute; Sheer Panic
  • 11-Oct-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy vs. the Vampire Lord; Jet Set Willy: Mind Control
  • 09-Oct-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy 64: Lena vs. Margo; Jet Set Willy 64: Willy on a Transatlantic Cruise
        mike_myers submitted Donkey Kong
  • 08-Oct-2006:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Goonies, The
  • 07-Oct-2006:
        Albert Valls submitted Match Day
  • 05-Oct-2006:
        mike_myers submitted Moon Cresta
  • 30-Sep-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy's Flashback; Jet Set Willy 1-1
        mike_myers submitted Michel Futbol Master
        P.D.P. submitted Cobra's Arc
  • 22-Sep-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: A Bulgarian Requiem
        Rafal submitted Race, The; Sirwood
  • 11-Sep-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy's New Hat
        Fil submitted Movie
  • 09-Sep-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy III
  • 29-Aug-2006:
        Ivan Sanchez submitted Phantomas Saga: Infinity
  • 28-Aug-2006:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Olli & Lissa 2: Halloween
  • 15-Aug-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Manic Miner: Neighbours - Allana Truman
  • 10-Aug-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Manic Miner #2
  • 09-Aug-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Manic Miner: The Hobbit
  • 07-Aug-2006:
        Rafal submitted International Ninja Rabbits
  • 05-Aug-2006:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Dizzy 'B': Treasure Island
  • 03-Aug-2006:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Dizzy 'A'
  • 02-Aug-2006:
        Federico Jerez submitted Whopper Chase
        Rafal submitted Sabrina; Sword of the Samurai
  • 30-Jul-2006:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Dizzy: Return to the Magicland
  • 27-Jul-2006:
        Michal Vrbnak and Pavel Pliva submitted Quadrax
  • 24-Jul-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Manic Miner 2000; Manic Miner 4 SE
  • 23-Jul-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Manic Scribbler
  • 22-Jul-2006:
        Rafal submitted Q10 Tankbuster; F1 Tornado
  • 20-Jul-2006:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy's Hoard
  • 16-Jul-2006:
        Federico Jerez submitted Xadom
  • 26-Jun-2006:
        Federico Jerez submitted Black Magic
  • 25-Jun-2006:
        Ivan Sanchez submitted Ole, Toro; Mortadelo y Filemon II; Dick Tracy; Moggy; Turbo Boat Simulator; Columns
  • 24-Jun-2006:
        Rafal submitted Edd the Duck
  • 23-Jun-2006:
        Matt Barber submitted Academy
  • 20-Jun-2006:
        Federico Jerez submitted Tres Luces de Glaurung, Las
  • 17-Jun-2006:
        Rafal submitted E-SWAT
  • 07-Jun-2006:
        TomCaT submitted Blade Warrior
  • 22-May-2006:
        Daren submitted Carrier Command
  • 21-May-2006:
        Jamie Angus submitted Gauntlet
  • 05-May-2006:
        Rafal submitted Black Raven
  • 03-May-2006:
        Xenomorph submitted Doomdark's Revenge
  • 28-Apr-2006:
        Jamie Angus submitted Danger Mouse in Double Trouble
  • 24-Apr-2006:
        xfa84 submitted Egghead 4: Egghead Entertains
  • 23-Apr-2006:
        Daren submitted LED Storm
  • 22-Apr-2006:
        Daren submitted Bionic Commando
  • 18-Apr-2006:
        Daren submitted Jetsons, The
        Paul E. Collins submitted Thing!
  • 17-Apr-2006:
        Rafal submitted Gladiator
  • 14-Apr-2006:
        Rafal submitted Canyon Warrior
  • 10-Apr-2006:
        Daren submitted Pipe Mania
  • 01-Apr-2006:
        Daren submitted Valhalla
  • 29-Mar-2006:
        xmikex submitted Run the Gauntlet
  • 27-Mar-2006:
        xmikex submitted Space Gun
  • 26-Mar-2006:
        Daren submitted BC's Quest for Tires
  • 24-Mar-2006:
        Jamie Angus submitted Fourth Protocol, The
        xmikex, Jamie Angus and Daren submitted Batman the Caped Crusader
  • 22-Mar-2006:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  • 20-Mar-2006:
        Rafal submitted Prayer of the Warrior, The
  • 16-Mar-2006:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Last Ninja 2
  • 14-Mar-2006:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Operation Thunderbolt
  • 13-Mar-2006:
        Daren submitted SWIV
  • 10-Mar-2006:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Action Farce 2
        xmikex submitted Son of Blagger
  • 08-Mar-2006:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Blizzard Pass
  • 03-Mar-2006:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Nightshade
  • 28-Feb-2006:
        Fil submitted Jet Set Willy 64: Ultimate Manic Miner
        Rafal submitted Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax; I, Ball
  • 26-Feb-2006:
        Daren submitted Breakthru
  • 23-Feb-2006:
        xmikex submitted Desolator
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Puzznic
  • 22-Feb-2006:
        Compiuter submitted Snake Pit
  • 16-Feb-2006:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Adventures of Sid Spider, The
  • 15-Feb-2006:
        xmikex submitted Shuriken
  • 14-Feb-2006:
        xmikex submitted Panic Dizzy; Dizzy Down the Rapids; Bubble Dizzy
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Lemmings
  • 12-Feb-2006:
        Rafal submitted Saigon Combat Unit; Metropolis
        Sard submitted Elite
  • 10-Feb-2006:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Periscope Up
  • 09-Feb-2006:
        Daren submitted Commando
  • 07-Feb-2006:
        Rafal submitted Mystery of the Nile, The
  • 06-Feb-2006:
        xmikex submitted Skull and Crossbones; Specventure
  • 05-Feb-2006:
        Jamie Angus submitted Fast Food; Dizzy - Crash Special Edition; Kwik Snax
  • 04-Feb-2006:
        C Nonsense in BASIC, 0:1 submitted Metabolis
        Rafal submitted Power Magic
  • 03-Feb-2006:
        Rafal submitted Jungle Warriror
        xmikex submitted Spooky Castle; Fast and the Furious, The
  • 02-Feb-2006:
        Rafal submitted Sigfrido
  • 01-Feb-2006:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Werewolves of London
  • 28-Jan-2006:
        Jamie Angus submitted Super Trolley
  • 26-Jan-2006:
        Rafal submitted Prohibition; Ultracop
  • 25-Jan-2006:
        Laszlo Nyitrai submitted Kiskutyus (Puppy)
  • 19-Jan-2006:
        Laszlo Nyitrai submitted Sudoku
  • 18-Jan-2006:
        Rafal submitted Sliders
  • 17-Jan-2006:
        Jamie Angus submitted Advanced Lawnmower Simulator
        xmikex submitted Milk Race
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge
  • 14-Jan-2006:
        C Nonsense in BASIC, 0:1 submitted Ah Diddums
        Doug Hutchison submitted Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op
  • 13-Jan-2006:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Deja Vu
  • 10-Jan-2006:
        Nyitrai Laszlo submitted Parosjatek
  • 08-Jan-2006:
        Daren submitted Toobin'; Typhoon
  • 06-Jan-2006:
        C Nonsense in BASIC, 0:1 submitted Turmoil
        Pavel Pliva submitted Boovie
  • 05-Jan-2006:
        Biggles submitted 1942
        Daren submitted Mag Max; Legend of Kage
        Jamie Angus submitted Witch's Cauldron, The; Bear Bovver
  • 04-Jan-2006:
        Gemma Bartlett submitted Gift from the Gods
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Mutant Monty and the Temple of Doom
  • 03-Jan-2006:
        Jamie Angus submitted World Cup Carnival; World Cup Football
        Viktor Drozd submitted Operation Red Refrigerator
        xmikex submitted Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Rentakill Rita
  • 02-Jan-2006:
        Daren submitted Wacky Races
        xmikex submitted Mutant Monty
  • 01-Jan-2006:
        Daren submitted Yogi's Great Escape