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  • 31-Dec-2005:
        Laszlo Nyitrai submitted Betukereso
  • 29-Dec-2005:
        Rafal submitted Zerkalo (Mirror)
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Deactivators
  • 28-Dec-2005:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Jmeno Ruze
  • 27-Dec-2005:
        Daren submitted Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo
  • 26-Dec-2005:
        Laszlo Nyitrai submitted 3D Malom; Caesar the Cat
        Pavel Pliva submitted Il Noma Della Rosa; Sest ran do Klobouku; Auto Concentration; Aknadach
        Rafal submitted Zybex
  • 25-Dec-2005:
        Laszlo Nyitrai submitted Hajoverseny (Ship Race)
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Turrican
  • 24-Dec-2005:
        Laszlo Nyitrai submitted Ladatologato Jatek
  • 23-Dec-2005:
        Laszlo Nyitrai submitted Tizmatrix
  • 21-Dec-2005:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Dan Dare III: The Escape; Vendetta
  • 18-Dec-2005:
        Daren submitted Top Cat in Beverly Hills Cats
  • 14-Dec-2005:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Mario Islands
  • 12-Dec-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Monty is Innocent
  • 11-Dec-2005:
        Paul E. Collins submitted Colin the Cleaner
  • 05-Dec-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Frank Bruno's Boxing
  • 04-Dec-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Bumpy
  • 28-Nov-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted On the Run
  • 27-Nov-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Chuckie Egg
  • 25-Nov-2005:
        Robin Clive submitted Jet Set Willy: The 2005 Megamix
        Robin Clive & Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy: Willy's New Mansion
  • 20-Nov-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Thrust II
  • 19-Nov-2005:
        xmikex submitted Thrust
  • 17-Nov-2005:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Vendelin v Zakletem Dome
  • 07-Nov-2005:
        Rafal submitted Sol Negro
  • 06-Nov-2005:
        Daren submitted Aquaplane
        xmikex submitted Strider
  • 05-Nov-2005:
        xmikex submitted Forgotten Worlds; Crosswize
  • 03-Nov-2005:
        Robin Clive and Daren submitted Boggit, The
        xmikex submitted Wacky Darts; Sidewize
  • 01-Nov-2005:
        Rafal submitted Xecutor; Jumping Jack
  • 31-Oct-2005:
        Robin Clive & Miguel Garcia submitted Ranarama
        xmikex, Jamie Angus and Morboss submitted Wriggler
  • 30-Oct-2005:
        Ste submitted Eskimo Eddie
  • 29-Oct-2005:
        Chris Marriott and Pablo Gomez submitted Bugaboo the Flea
        fruto submitted Tom Jones
        xmikex submitted 1994 - Ten Years After
  • 28-Oct-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Super Robin Hood
  • 27-Oct-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Spike in Transylvania; Murray Mouse Supercop
        xmikex submitted Super Stuntman
  • 26-Oct-2005:
        xmikex submitted Ghosts 'n' Goblins
  • 25-Oct-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Robin of the Wood
  • 24-Oct-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Wild West Seymour
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Arc of Yesod, The
  • 23-Oct-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Seymour Goes to Hollywood; Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
        Steven Holland submitted Lords of Midnight, The
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Ghost Hunters; Slightly Magic
  • 22-Oct-2005:
        Daren submitted Gunfright; Pssst; Cookie; Tranz Am
        Jamie Angus submitted Little Puff
        Ste submitted Lunar Jetman
  • 18-Oct-2005:
        Kostya submitted Adventureland
  • 17-Oct-2005:
        Kostya submitted Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure
  • 14-Oct-2005:
        Robin Clive submitted Pyracurse
  • 13-Oct-2005:
        Kostya submitted Into the Eagle's Nest
  • 12-Oct-2005:
        deVandemar submitted Ninja
        Robin Clive submitted Astroclone; Kentilla
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Prince of Persia
  • 11-Oct-2005:
        Rafal submitted Human Killing Machine
  • 09-Oct-2005:
        Albert Valls submitted Jetpac
        Daren submitted Winter Games
  • 07-Oct-2005:
        Daren submitted Xenon
  • 06-Oct-2005:
        Kostya submitted Soldier One
  • 04-Oct-2005:
        Ivan Sanchez submitted Gonzzalezz
  • 03-Oct-2005:
        Daren submitted Brian Bloodaxe
  • 30-Sep-2005:
        Rafal submitted Desperado 2; Cowboy Kidz; Express Raider
  • 26-Sep-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Prison Riot
  • 24-Sep-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Snoopy
  • 21-Sep-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Joe Blade
  • 20-Sep-2005:
        Rafal submitted O.K. Yah!; Curro Jimenez
        xmikex submitted Metal Army
  • 13-Sep-2005:
        xmikex submitted Cavelon
  • 12-Sep-2005:
        xmikex submitted Ethnipod
  • 11-Sep-2005:
        Daren submitted Equinox
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Technician Ted
  • 10-Sep-2005:
        xmikex submitted Yeti
  • 09-Sep-2005:
        Daren submitted Scrabble
        Jamie Angus submitted Automania
        xmikex submitted Crime Busters
  • 08-Sep-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Count Duckula
        xmikex submitted Alien Syndrome; Stainless Steel
  • 07-Sep-2005:
        xmikex submitted Atom Ant; Crystal Castles; Hong Kong Phooey
  • 06-Sep-2005:
        xmikex submitted Popeye 2
  • 05-Sep-2005:
        xmikex submitted Solomon's Key
  • 04-Sep-2005:
        Daren submitted Starion
        xmikex submitted Mr. Wino
  • 29-Aug-2005:
        Rafal submitted Ninja Warriors, The
  • 25-Aug-2005:
        Fil submitted St. Dragon
  • 21-Aug-2005:
        Daren submitted Fighting Warrior
  • 20-Aug-2005:
        Daren submitted Pang
  • 17-Aug-2005:
        Rafal submitted Rastan
  • 14-Aug-2005:
        Daren submitted Impossaball
  • 13-Aug-2005:
        Daren submitted Ball Breaker
        Rafal submitted Fire 'n Ice
  • 08-Aug-2005:
        Rafal submitted Ninja Hamster
  • 07-Aug-2005:
        Daren submitted Bounder
  • 05-Aug-2005:
        Steven Holland submitted 10th Frame
  • 01-Aug-2005:
        Daren submitted Agent X II; Agent X
        Rafal submitted Darkman
  • 31-Jul-2005:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Dirt Track Racer
        Rafal submitted Vigilante; Bronx
  • 28-Jul-2005:
        Andregiax submitted Strontium Dog: The Killing
        Rafal submitted Soldier of Light
  • 27-Jul-2005:
        Rafal submitted Subway Vigilante; Lorna
  • 25-Jul-2005:
        Bad Beard submitted Spike
  • 24-Jul-2005:
        Daren submitted Animated Strip Poker
        xmikex submitted WWF WrestleMania
  • 23-Jul-2005:
        Daren submitted Dragon's Lair II: Escape from Singe's Castle
  • 17-Jul-2005:
        Daren submitted Daley Thompson's Decathlon
  • 16-Jul-2005:
        Daren submitted Death Star Interceptor
        Pavel Pliva submitted Kong
        Rafal submitted Chicago 30's
  • 14-Jul-2005:
        Daren submitted Tapper
  • 13-Jul-2005:
        Daren submitted Splat!
        Rafal submitted Quick Draw McGraw; Deadly Evil; Hercules: Slayer of the Damned
  • 12-Jul-2005:
        Kostya submitted Comando Quatro
        Zdeněk Starý submitted Soliter
  • 10-Jul-2005:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Glug Glug
  • 08-Jul-2005:
        deVandemar submitted Fred
        Rafal submitted Strike Force Cobra
  • 06-Jul-2005:
        Nick Humphries submitted Play For Your Life
        Rafal submitted I Ball II; Sgrizam
  • 04-Jul-2005:
        Daren submitted Overlander
        Pablo Gomez submitted Match Day II
  • 03-Jul-2005:
        Rafal submitted Hundra; Main Blow, The
  • 01-Jul-2005:
        Rafal submitted Zythum; Ulises; Rygar
  • 29-Jun-2005:
        Rafal submitted Bestial Warrior
  • 26-Jun-2005:
        Daren submitted Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal; Stormlord 2: Deliverance
  • 25-Jun-2005:
        Daren submitted IK+
  • 24-Jun-2005:
        Rafal submitted Jail Break; Mithos
  • 23-Jun-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Masters of the Universe - The Super Adventure
  • 21-Jun-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Hulk, The
  • 17-Jun-2005:
        Malcolm and Daren submitted Jack the Ripper
  • 11-Jun-2005:
        Daren submitted Pac-Mania
  • 09-Jun-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Venom; Shard of Inovar
  • 08-Jun-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Wolfman
  • 05-Jun-2005:
        Daren submitted Pogo
  • 29-May-2005:
        Daren submitted Penetrator
  • 24-May-2005:
        Robert Maines submitted Adventure D: Espionage Island
  • 23-May-2005:
        Daren submitted Message from Andromeda
        Malcolm submitted Jewels of Babylon, The
        Pavel Plíva submitted Joe Blade II
  • 22-May-2005:
        Daren submitted Roland's Rat Race; Punchy
  • 19-May-2005:
        Kostya and TomCaT submitted Saboteur II
  • 17-May-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Big Sleaze, The
  • 16-May-2005:
        Merlin submitted Rebelstar 2
        Robin Clive submitted Dun Darach
  • 14-May-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Dracula; After Shock; Harvesting Moon, A; Heroes of Karn
        Robin Clive submitted Tir Na Nog
  • 30-Apr-2005:
        Robert Maines submitted Matt Lucas
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back
  • 29-Apr-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Panzadrome
        Malcolm and Daren submitted Shadows of Mordor
  • 24-Apr-2005:
        Michael Bruhn submitted Detective, The
  • 23-Apr-2005:
        Daren submitted Kong Strikes Back
  • 22-Apr-2005:
        Malcolm and Daren submitted Lord of the Rings
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Knight Tyme
  • 21-Apr-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Stormbringer
  • 20-Apr-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Stormbringer
  • 19-Apr-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Spellbound
  • 18-Apr-2005:
        Dunny submitted Manic Muslim
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Spellbound
  • 17-Apr-2005:
        Daren & Grant Percival (no rollback) submitted Combat School
        Nick Humphries submitted Minder
        Robert Maines submitted Adventure C: Ship of Doom; Adventure B: Inca Curse; Adventure A: Planet of Death
  • 13-Apr-2005:
        Fil submitted Pitfall II: Lost Caverns
        Malcolm submitted Mountains of Ket; Tank Command
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Finders Keepers
  • 12-Apr-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Kayleth; Inspector Flukeit
        xmikex submitted Impossamole
  • 11-Apr-2005:
        Kostya submitted Curse of Sherwood, The
  • 10-Apr-2005:
        Daren submitted Alien 8
        Fil submitted Bionic Ninja
  • 09-Apr-2005:
        Daren submitted Ghouls 'n' Ghosts; Knight Lore
  • 08-Apr-2005:
        Robert Maines submitted Pawn, The
  • 05-Apr-2005:
        Daren submitted Ad Astra
        Malcolm submitted Rigel's Revenge
  • 04-Apr-2005:
        Malcolm submitted Legend of Apache Gold, The; Spytrek Adventure; Winter Wonderland
        Ministerio Fomento submitted Raid Over Moscow
  • 03-Apr-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Total Eclipse
  • 31-Mar-2005:
        Fil submitted Satcom; Hacker
  • 30-Mar-2005:
        Fil submitted Ninja Master; Nightmare
  • 29-Mar-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Addams Family, the
  • 28-Mar-2005:
        Daren submitted Jasper!
  • 27-Mar-2005:
        xmikex submitted Back to the Future Part III
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Back to the Future Part II
  • 26-Mar-2005:
        Zdenek Starý submitted WEC Le Mans
  • 25-Mar-2005:
        Daren submitted Chuckie Egg 2
  • 24-Mar-2005:
        xmikex submitted Back to the Future
  • 23-Mar-2005:
        Matthew Smolko submitted Octopussy
  • 20-Mar-2005:
        Ignacio Pérez Gil submitted Driller
        xmikex and mike_myers submitted Spy Hunter
  • 19-Mar-2005:
        Keith Rundle submitted Horace and the Spiders
        Philicorda submitted Novotron 8
  • 18-Mar-2005:
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Hammerfist
  • 16-Mar-2005:
        xmikex submitted Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
  • 15-Mar-2005:
        Jonathan Needle submitted Wizard's Lair
        xmikex submitted Untouchables, The
  • 14-Mar-2005:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Marioso
  • 12-Mar-2005:
        Fil submitted Manic Miner 5: Los Peligros del LSD
        Rafal submitted Crime Santa Clause
        Rafal and Pavel Plíva submitted Winnie-the-Pooh
  • 11-Mar-2005:
        Akilino submitted Saimazoom
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Night Shift
  • 10-Mar-2005:
        Jim Langmead submitted Mad Martha II
  • 07-Mar-2005:
        Thomas Andrews submitted Panama Joe
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Pentagram; Omega One
  • 06-Mar-2005:
        Keith Rundle submitted Hyperaction
  • 05-Mar-2005:
        Keith Rundle submitted Sir Fred
        xmikex submitted Power Drift
  • 04-Mar-2005:
        Jim Langmead submitted Happiest Days of Your Life, The
        xmikex submitted Afterburner
  • 02-Mar-2005:
        xmikex submitted Space Harrier II; Space Harrier; Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The
  • 01-Mar-2005:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Sherwood
        xmikex submitted Hard Drivin'
  • 27-Feb-2005:
        xmikex submitted Moonwalker; Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
  • 25-Feb-2005:
        Robert Maines submitted Sidney Affair, The
        xmikex submitted Egghead in Space; Hunchback II
  • 24-Feb-2005:
        Jim Langmead submitted Aural Quest
        xmikex submitted Flying Train; Egghead to the Rescue; Egghead
  • 23-Feb-2005:
        Akilino submitted Babaliba
        Daren submitted Amaurote
        Robert Maines submitted Vera Cruz; Mindshadow; Hampstead
        xmikex submitted Transformers
  • 22-Feb-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau
        xmikex submitted Soul of a Robot; Nonterraqueous
  • 21-Feb-2005:
        Jim Langmead submitted Zzzz
        Robert Maines submitted Sherlock
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Tantalus; Dynamite Dan II
  • 20-Feb-2005:
        Jim Langmead submitted Seabase Delta; Imagination
        Robert Maines submitted Valkyrie 17; Subsunk
        xmikex submitted Chubby Gristle
  • 19-Feb-2005:
        xmikex submitted Fist II: The Legend Continues
  • 18-Feb-2005:
        Daren submitted Samantha Fox Strip Poker
        Jamie Angus submitted Postman Pat 2
        Pavel Pliva submitted Notorik
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Total Recall
  • 17-Feb-2005:
        Robert Maines submitted Urban Upstart; Colditz
        xmikex submitted Cauldron; Hostages; Fall Guy
  • 16-Feb-2005:
        xmikex submitted Plummet
  • 14-Feb-2005:
        Daren submitted Wizball
        xmikex and Jamie Angus, and Richard Burton (unaided) submitted Dynamite Dan
  • 13-Feb-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Postman Pat
        Zdenek Starý submitted Continental Circus
  • 12-Feb-2005:
        Daren submitted Shao-Lin's Road
        Jamie Angus submitted Spellbound Dizzy; Dizzy, Prince of the YolkFolk
        Jamie Angus & Grant Percival (no rollback and no deaths) submitted Magicland Dizzy
        Jamie Angus & Grant Percival (no rollback) submitted Dizzy
        Pavel Pliva submitted Arkarum
        xmikex submitted C5 Clive; Skate Crazy; Jackal; Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation; Sly Spy: Secret Agent; North Star
        Zdeněk Starý submitted Phantom F4 II; Phantom F4 I
  • 11-Feb-2005:
        JudasEZT submitted Mr. Heli
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Terminus
  • 10-Feb-2005:
        Daren submitted Frost Byte
        xmikex submitted I Aint Got Nobody; Action Reflex
  • 09-Feb-2005:
        xmikex submitted Caves of Doom; Revenge of the C5; Jason's Gem
  • 08-Feb-2005:
        Zdenek Starý submitted Prva Akcia
        Zdenek Starý and Pavel Plíva submitted Komando II
  • 07-Feb-2005:
        xmikex submitted Dr. Destructo; Turbo Out Run; Out Run
  • 06-Feb-2005:
        AndyC submitted Jack and the Beanstalk
        Jamie Angus & Grant Percival (no rollback) submitted Fantasy World Dizzy
        Keith Rundle submitted Super Spy
  • 05-Feb-2005:
        Fil submitted Maziacs; Manic Miner ZX81; Mazogs; Monster Maze, 3D
        Jamie Angus & Grant Percival (no rollback) submitted Treasure Island Dizzy
  • 04-Feb-2005:
        xmikex submitted Buggy Boy
  • 03-Feb-2005:
        Fil submitted Paperboy; Jet Set Willy 5: ZX Heroes
        xmikex submitted Techno Cop; Willow Pattern; Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Switchblade
  • 02-Feb-2005:
        Arjun submitted Thundercats
        Fil submitted Monty on the Run
  • 01-Feb-2005:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Heartbroken
        xmikex submitted Platoon
  • 31-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Technician Ted: The Megamix
        Fil submitted Silkworm
        Starglider submitted Rex
        xmikex submitted Venturama; Moontorc; Golden Axe
  • 30-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Mercenary
        Devandemar submitted Exploding Atoms
        Fil and Grant Percival (no rollback) submitted Olli & Lissa
        mike_myers submitted Mega-Corp
        xmikex submitted Shinobi; Shadow Dancer; Ninja Spirit
  • 29-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Fat Worm Blows a Sparky
        xmikex submitted Star Wars
  • 28-Jan-2005:
        Fil submitted Hobgoblin
        mike_myers submitted Gremlins
        xmikex submitted Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; MASK III: VENOM Strikes Back
  • 27-Jan-2005:
        Jamie Angus submitted Incredible Shrinking Fireman
        mike_myers submitted Three Weeks In Paradise
        xmikex submitted Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • 26-Jan-2005:
        xmikex submitted Myth: History in the Making
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Flintstones, The
  • 25-Jan-2005:
        xmikex submitted Rod-Land
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers
  • 24-Jan-2005:
        xmikex submitted Dragon Ninja
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Hamte Damte
  • 22-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Underwurlde
        xmikex submitted Double Dragon
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted New Zealand Story, The
  • 21-Jan-2005:
        Viktor Drozd and mike_myers (hardest level) submitted Minesweeper
  • 20-Jan-2005:
        Fil submitted Batty
        ryderark submitted Rock 'n Roller
        ryderark and Mousey submitted Booty
  • 19-Jan-2005:
        Fil submitted Kung-Fu Master; Eugene - Lord of the Bathroom
        xmikex submitted Scumball
  • 18-Jan-2005:
        Fil submitted Guerrilla War; Victory Road; Ikari Warriors
        Ivan Sanchez submitted Robocop 3
        xmikex submitted Iron Soldier; Airwolf II
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Interalia
  • 17-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Run Baby Run
        Fil submitted Salamander; Nemesis
        Ian McGrath submitted Enigma Force
        ryderark submitted Abu Simbel Profanation
        xmikex submitted Cavemania; Renegade III
  • 16-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Gyroscope
        xmikex submitted Cerius
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Airwolf
  • 14-Jan-2005:
        xmikex submitted Superkid in Space
  • 13-Jan-2005:
        Carlos Madruga submitted Howard the Duck
        xmikex and Daren submitted Superkid
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Jack the Nipper
  • 10-Jan-2005:
        ryderark submitted Camelot Warriors
        xmikex submitted Skatin' USA
  • 09-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Arkanoid
        Daren and Albert Valls submitted Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh
        Pavel Pliva submitted Piggy
        ryderark submitted Mad Mix Game
  • 04-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Scuba Dive
        Rickard Berglind submitted Green Beret
        xmikex submitted Bubble Bobble; Project Future
  • 02-Jan-2005:
        Daren submitted Kosmic Kanga
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants