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  • 31-Dec-2004:
        Daren submitted Uridium
        xmikex submitted Rolling Thunder; Who Dares Wins II; Wonder Boy
  • 30-Dec-2004:
        Pedrete submitted Dustin
        xmikex submitted Extreme; Call Me Psycho
  • 29-Dec-2004:
        xmikex submitted Rockman; Day in the Life, A
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted R-Type
  • 28-Dec-2004:
        Daren submitted Scooby Doo
  • 27-Dec-2004:
        Daren submitted N.O.M.A.D.
  • 26-Dec-2004:
        xmikex submitted Badlands
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Robocop 2
  • 23-Dec-2004:
        xmikex submitted NARC; Moon Strike
  • 21-Dec-2004:
        xmikex submitted Hudson Hawk
        xmikex and Jamie Angus submitted Ghostbusters II
  • 20-Dec-2004:
        Eduardo Yáñez Parareda submitted Super Scramble Simulator
        Jamie Angus submitted Universal Hero
        Rafal submitted Adventures of Buratino; Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of Rhiannon
        xmikex submitted Rescue
  • 19-Dec-2004:
        Daren submitted 180
        xmikex submitted Midnight Resistance
  • 14-Dec-2004:
        Rafal submitted Shadow of the Beast
  • 08-Dec-2004:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Ceasefire
  • 02-Dec-2004:
        Dmytro Gryshchenko submitted Pi-R Squared
  • 29-Nov-2004:
        Rafal submitted Master of Magic; Kane
  • 23-Nov-2004:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Lop Ears
        Rafal submitted Aliens; Geoff Capes Strong Man; Street Gang
  • 21-Nov-2004:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Seymour - Take One!; Dizzy 3 and a Half; Home Island Dizzy; Zorro; Abe's Mission: Escape
        Pavel Pliva and Viktor Drozd submitted New Dizzy
  • 20-Nov-2004:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Dizzy X: Journey to Russia
  • 12-Nov-2004:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Short Circuit
  • 11-Nov-2004:
        Kostya submitted Flying Shark
  • 09-Nov-2004:
        Rafal submitted Masters Of The Universe - The Movie
  • 05-Nov-2004:
        Rafal submitted Elopement: Back to The Earth; Talking Hedz; Tujad
  • 02-Nov-2004:
        Robin Clive submitted Dragontorc
  • 29-Oct-2004:
        Fil submitted Peking
  • 28-Oct-2004:
        Kostya submitted Barbarian
  • 27-Oct-2004:
        Fil submitted Creepy Dungeons
  • 26-Oct-2004:
        Rafal submitted BraveStarr
  • 25-Oct-2004:
        Kostya submitted Hypsys
  • 24-Oct-2004:
        Fil submitted Orion
  • 23-Oct-2004:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Mah Jongg
  • 22-Oct-2004:
        Kostya submitted Samurai Warrior; Dark Fusion
  • 20-Oct-2004:
        Daren submitted Nodes of Yesod
  • 19-Oct-2004:
        Jim Langmead submitted Mega Bucks
  • 17-Oct-2004:
        Ste submitted Spy vs Spy
  • 16-Oct-2004:
        Daren submitted Shockway Rider
  • 13-Oct-2004:
        Rafal submitted Bronx Street Cop
  • 01-Oct-2004:
        Kostya submitted Black Beard
        Rafal submitted Sceptre of Bagdad
  • 29-Sep-2004:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Netwalk; Netwalk
  • 26-Sep-2004:
        Daren submitted Back To Skool
  • 25-Sep-2004:
        Jim Langmead submitted King's Keep
  • 24-Sep-2004:
        Jim Langmead submitted Skool Daze
  • 20-Sep-2004:
        Jim Langmead submitted Contact Sam Cruise
        Nestor Lucas Martinez aka Humitsec submitted Livingstone Supongo
  • 19-Sep-2004:
        Daren submitted Marauder
        Ivan Ruiz Etxabe submitted Fernando Martin Basket Master
  • 18-Sep-2004:
        Daren submitted Cobra
  • 14-Sep-2004:
        Kostya submitted Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
  • 13-Sep-2004:
        Kostya submitted Treasure Island
        Robert Maines submitted Stormlord
  • 12-Sep-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Slap Fight
        Jim Waterman submitted Roboto
  • 11-Sep-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Crossfire; Way of the Exploding Fist, The
        Kostya submitted Chronos
        Robert Maines submitted Harrier Attack!
  • 09-Sep-2004:
        Kostya submitted Phantis
        Robert Maines submitted Light Force
  • 08-Sep-2004:
        Daren and mulder submitted Where Time Stood Still
        Erlstoned submitted Tintin on the Moon; Savage; Draconus
        Jim Waterman submitted Monty Python's Flying Circus; Fantastic Voyage
  • 06-Sep-2004:
        Robert Maines submitted Gregory Loses His Clock; Flunky
  • 05-Sep-2004:
        Jim Waterman submitted Yogi Bear; Rick Dangerous 2; Ned's Garden
        Robert Maines submitted Through the Trap Door
  • 03-Sep-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Quazatron
        Jim Waterman submitted Rick Dangerous
  • 02-Sep-2004:
        Robert Maines submitted Trap Door, The
  • 01-Sep-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Cop-Out
  • 30-Aug-2004:
        Daren submitted Wheelie
        Keith Rundle submitted Antics
        Robert Maines submitted Popeye
  • 29-Aug-2004:
        Keith Rundle submitted Rapscallion
  • 28-Aug-2004:
        Daren submitted Marsport
        Robert Maines submitted Factory Breakout
  • 27-Aug-2004:
        Kostya submitted Toi Acid Game
        Robert Maines submitted Halls of the Things
  • 23-Aug-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Sidewalk
        Robert Maines submitted Astronut
  • 22-Aug-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Yie Ar Kung-Fu; Nether Earth
  • 21-Aug-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Yie Ar Kung-Fu; Strike Force SAS; Lazy Jones
        Paul E. Collins submitted Odd Job Eddie
        Robert Maines submitted Sir Lancelot
  • 20-Aug-2004:
        Daren submitted Zynaps
        Robert Maines submitted Critical Mass
  • 19-Aug-2004:
        raindog submitted Avalon
  • 18-Aug-2004:
        AndyC submitted Terminator 2: Judgement Day
        Daren (Part 1) & AndyC (Parts 2-4) submitted Thunderbirds
        Robert Maines submitted Alien Highway
  • 17-Aug-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Travel With Trashman; Rogue Trooper; Feud
        Daren submitted Moon Alert
  • 16-Aug-2004:
        Alessandro Grussu submitted Split Personalities
        Paul French submitted Rocky Horror Show, The
        Robert Maines submitted Trashman; Highway Encounter
  • 15-Aug-2004:
        AndyC submitted Impossible Mission
        Daren submitted Roller Coaster
        Paul E. Collins submitted Moley Christmas
        Pavel Pliva submitted Kokotoni Wilf
        Robert Maines submitted Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future
        Stephen (Mort) Stuttard and mike_myers submitted Great Escape, The
  • 14-Aug-2004:
        Daren submitted Auf Wiedersehen Monty
  • 12-Aug-2004:
        Matthew Wilson submitted Fairlight II
  • 11-Aug-2004:
        AndyC and Daniel Gromann submitted Jet Set Willy II
  • 06-Aug-2004:
        Alan 'Zaph' Marshall submitted Viking Raiders
  • 04-Aug-2004:
        Dunny submitted Cybernoid II: The Revenge; Cybernoid
  • 01-Aug-2004:
        Daren submitted Hunchback
  • 31-Jul-2004:
        Martin Mangan submitted Rambo
        Mousey, Daniel Gromann, Geoff Neil and Andy Ford submitted Jet Set Willy
  • 29-Jul-2004:
        TomCaT submitted Exolon
  • 28-Jul-2004:
        JudasEZT submitted Nonamed
  • 23-Jul-2004:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Pedro na Ostrove Piratov
  • 17-Jul-2004:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Dizzy XII: Underground
  • 16-Jul-2004:
        Viktor Drozd submitted Tetris 4; Tetris 2; Dragonia
  • 12-Jul-2004:
        Kostya submitted Elven Warrior
  • 09-Jul-2004:
        JudasEZT submitted Stardust
  • 23-Jun-2004:
        Matus Smolko & Pavel Plíva submitted Twilight: Krajina Tienov
  • 18-Jun-2004:
        R. Cadenas (part 1) and Kostya (part 2) submitted Astro Marine Corps
  • 04-Jun-2004:
        Kostya submitted Espada Sagrada, La
  • 26-May-2004:
        Kostya submitted Titanic; Capitan Trueno
  • 20-May-2004:
        Kostya submitted Super Chopper
  • 22-Apr-2004:
        Daren & Carlos Madruga submitted Way of the Tiger, the
  • 16-Mar-2004:
        Pavel Pliva submitted Pedro v Strasidelnom Zamku; Pedro v Krajine Pyramid
  • 13-Mar-2004:
        Bobby Lequay submitted Fairlight
  • 24-Feb-2004:
        Starglider submitted Dark Side
  • 22-Feb-2004:
        Daren submitted Atic Atac
  • 20-Feb-2004:
        Daren submitted Castle Master
  • 17-Feb-2004:
        Daren submitted Castle Master II: The Crypt
  • 16-Feb-2004:
        Bobby Lequay submitted Terramex
  • 14-Feb-2004:
        Bobby Lequay submitted Batman
  • 10-Feb-2004:
        Bobby Lequay and Damo submitted T.L.L.
  • 06-Feb-2004:
        Bobby Lequay submitted Cyclone
  • 28-Jan-2004:
        Bobby submitted Nebulus
  • 26-Jan-2004:
        Fred Fischer submitted Renegade
  • 25-Jan-2004:
        Fred Fischer submitted Thanatos
  • 18-Jan-2004:
        Daren submitted Ghostbusters