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Latest Updates:
  • 25-Oct-2021:
        Pavel Plíva submitted Cell 3326
        Rafal submitted Street Cred; Dan Dare II: SU Edition
  • 23-Oct-2021:
        Rafal submitted Terrorballs
  • 21-Oct-2021:
        Daren submitted Project Vaelius
  • 11-Oct-2021:
        Daniel Gromann submitted Manic-4-Noobs
        Pavel Plíva submitted Magic Dice; Lava (2021 Sped Up Version); Swarm is Coming..., The

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    The ZX Spectrum's 25th Anniversary

    Speccy HARP Zone

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  • What is RZX?:
    Created from an original implementation by the FUSE and SpecEmu authors, RZX has evolved with input from the SPIN Team, Spectaculator and RamSoft authors into a fantastic medium for recording your performance on a Spectrum game.

  • Emulators:
    To play the RZX files in this archive, you need a supporting emulator.

    For Windows machines I recommend SpecEmu, Spectaculator and SPIN.

    Other supporting emulators are FUSE (UNIX), RealSpectrum (Windows/DOS), EmuZWin (Windows - buggy when recording RZX files - try to avoid), Es.pectrum (Windows) and XPECCY (Windows and Linux)

    The excellent speccy emulator for the Nintendo DS, ZXDS, now also supports RZX playback, and allows you to download files from this site over the air!

    Unreal Speccy Portable is a superb Android emulator which supports RZX playback, and like ZXDS, also allows you to download files from this site over the air.

  • Submit your recording:
    Email me your RZX file: . Please check the archive first to see whether a walkthrough for the game has already been submitted.
    Note: For modern games, please first seek the permission of the author to host the rzx file(s) on this site, and to possibly have a YouTube video made.

    Unfortunately, I cannot put rzx files of games where the companies have denied their distribution, e.g., Ultimate, Codemasters, on this site. However, I can still make YouTube videos of them to show instead.

  • Credits: Many thanks to deKay for the logo, Sergio Baldovi for help in trimming corrupt rzx files,
    and of course to all the contributors.